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Attention: Children's Book Authors and Illustrators! If you are willing to snail mail or email me a review copy, I am willing to review your children's picture books in conjunction with an interview on The Writer's Block and post it on Goodreads, Amazon, my blog, and my social networks. The interview will allow you to connect with potential readers and build your platform as a writer. Readers want to know more about who wrote these amazing literary creations. It will also increase the likelihood that you will increase your following.

Let me know in your email request and I will send you the mailing address. Please allow 2-4 weeks for picture books and longer for other formats/genres. I review on a first-come, first-served basis as my schedule allows. Details on how to secure an interview on The Writer's Block are HERE.

Please note that I do not publish negative reviews. I will, however, provide constructive feedback privately in the hopes that it will help you improve as a writer. Even when I didn't love what others had to say about my books, website, blogs, writing, illustration work, etc.,  I have found valuable lessons that have benefited me. So, if you are easily offended, I encourage you to submit anyway. The only way to develop thick skin is to embrace the process!

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Featured Reviews

(Reviewed February 11, 2012) At first read, Me and My Potty had me laughing out loud (literally). I like the brightly-colored illustrations. Mimi captured the ups and downs of potty training in a way that moms can absolutely appreciate. The imagery is spot on--I can only imagine how children will react to the puddles and leaky pull-ups. She pulls no punches with the word choice. The mere mention of bodily functions generally elicits whispers and giggles from little ones!

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Me and My Potty encourages little ones and their moms to be patient and persistent with potty training. Overall, this is a great book! Buy it on Amazon.com: Me and My Potty: Monkey see, monkey do series (Volume 1)


The Day No One Played Together is a great story about the joys of compromise. Readers will discover how to find creative solutions to their disagreements (by brainstorming) from the story’s main characters, sisters Jadyn and Genesis. The girls want to play together, but have very different ideas about the games they want to play. Separately, they are miserable. As the day passes, they discover the true meaning of give-and-take. The story concludes with Jadyn and Genesis having lots of fun together while managing to learn a few new words along the way!

Illustrated by Sarah Harkey, The Day No One Played Together contains beautiful positive images of family and togetherness. Readers young and old will enjoy this book over and over again! Buy it on Amazon.com: The Day No One Played Together


Lisa Eichlin has written a wonderful book about the relationship between a young boy and his best friend who has overcome adversity. The Bravest Boy I Ever Knew encourages the reader to meet challenges head-on and enjoy life rather than succumb to limitations. The story is light-hearted, positive, and uplifting. It also encourages perserverance. The illustrations are colorful and fun.
I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a lesson in courage and tolerance. The Bravest Boy I Ever Knew teaches those concepts well. But it on Amazon.com: The Bravest Boy I Ever Knew


Author and illustrator Kristine Daniels has taken her love for dogs and turned it into a children's picture book series. In Floyd and the Irresistible Cookie, we meet a dog named Floyd and his two canine companions, Tiny and Larue. This first installment in the series chronicles Floyd's persistent and clever attempts to seize the Irrestible Cookie from the family's Christmas tree.

This book teaches children that a little selflessness can go a long way. Floyd decides that as much as he wants the delicious cookie for himself, it would be better to leave it on the tree for everyone to admire.

Floyd and the Irresistible Cookie contains wonderfully creative illustrations. Kristine did a fantastic job at telling her story through pictures. Children will look forward to more adventures with Floyd, Tiny, and Larue!

In her second installment of the "Floyd" series, author and illustrator Kristine Daniels takes us on a journey to discover what is keeping Floyd, Tiny, and Larue up all night. Floyd and the Mysterious Night Time Noise is a suspenseful story that tests the canine trio's courage while satisfying their curiosity.
Floyd is a very persistent and determined dog whose character traits are certainly apparent in Kristine's sequel. The ending is both ironic and amusing. While Floyd discovers that he may add bravery to his list of desirable qualities, he also finds out that the sometimes solving a mystery can be done simply by following your nose.
As expected, Floyd and the Mysterious Night Time Noise is beautifully illustrated. Kristine created imaginative and whimsical artwork for this book. I cannot wait to see what Floyd is up to next!


When Grandmama Sings by Margaree King Mitchell (illustrated by James E. Ransome) is an uplifting story of courage, strength, and perseverance in the face of adversity. Grandmama Coles, a jazz singer from Pecan Flats, Mississippi, is given an opportunity to tour the Deep South during the summer months with a swing jazz band. She is accompanied by her granddaughter, Belle, who learns that using one's talents and standing up for one's beliefs are important in spite of opposition.
When Grandmama Sings is set during the 1940s where segregation and discrimination were the order of the day. Told through the eyes of Belle, the reader learns something of the history of race relations in the U.S. While Grandmama Coles and the band suffer ill-treatment at the hands of club and business owners, they press on in their quest to perform--sometimes even for free. Leading the charge is Grandmama Coles who demands justice while her gift for song brings people people from different walks of life together. Belle has a close and loving relationship with her grandmother. These acts of bravery only serve to bring them closer.
A wonderfully-illustrated book with the artwork of James E. Ransome, When Grandmama Sings is a story that children and adults alike will enjoy time and time again.

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