Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Review: Me and My Potty by Mimi Hoang Kuehn

At first read, Me and My Potty had me laughing out loud (literally). I like the brightly-colored illustrations. Mimi captured the ups and downs of potty training in a way that moms can absolutely appreciate. The imagery is spot on--I can only imagine how children will react to the puddles and leaky pull-ups. She pulls no punches with the word choice. The mere mention of bodily functions generally elicits whispers and giggles from little ones!

Potty training doesn't happen in a day, a week, or even a month. My Potty and Me is written in a way which reflects that reality. The flow of the story seemed to stop and start somewhat--a few times I thought the story had ended. In particular, the success achieved when the monkey finally "peed" felt like a resolution for me. Learning to poop reads like a new chapter. Potty training takes repetition and (frequently) there are setbacks, so writing it this way works. Oh, and the bonus story, "My Poopy Pets", could be a great little book all its own. It makes Me and My Potty an even better value.

Me and My Potty encourages little ones and their moms to be patient and persistent with potty training. Overall, this is a great book! Buy it on Me and My Potty: Monkey see, monkey do series (Volume 1)

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