Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Writer's Block Interviews: Camy de Mario

1) What inspired you to start writing children's books?

I truly love anything that brings me back to childhood. I believe I'm still a child myself into a grown up body! I spent hours trying to create new cartoon characters designs, and figure out how to put them into animation. Walt Disney had always been my mentor. When I finally realized that technology still wasn't my best solution, I decided to turn into a more traditional way to express my talents. About four years ago, when I relocated with my husband and our youngest children from Florida to a small island in the Bahamas, the beauty of nature surrounding me every day opened up a new world of creativity. There was when my first children's story started to become a reality. 

2) Which came first: a love of writing or a love of illustrating?

As I said I've always been so interested in animation, and of course that was the result of my love of illustrating. Now I can't see one without the other. In fact, at first I visualize my drawings, and immediately after, the story takes shape into words.

3) What books have you written? Where can readers buy them?

I've just published the first book of a series The World of Happy-Let's all be Friends!. It's a sweet, positive story that should appeal to young children, who will enjoy traveling with Happy, a red sea star, on his sea voyage.  The themes of diversity, friendship, and acceptance are important and handled in an age-appropriate way, and the variety of creatures and settings offers a number of fun, cheerful illustrations.
The book is available as paperback on major online retailers as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and if you are lucky to travel around the Abaco Family Islands, in the Bahamas, you can find the book for sale exclusively at one of the major vacation resorts, Bluff House Resort and Marina, in Green Turtle Cay!

4) How did you find your publisher?

Many of my successful fellow authors suggested to me to go global and self-publish.  I researched all the publishing alternatives and Amazon looked like one of the best choices available. It takes your own financial resources to get started, but the benefits are very fruitful.

5) How have you promoted your work? What strategies have been the most effective?  

Social networking in this new era is definitely the best way to promote yourself and your work.
Of course, anyone should understand that it takes a lot of time, dedication and perseverance.
The most effective strategy, well, I guess carrying copies of The World of Happy with me wherever I go. You never know who you could you meet!

6) What advice would you give to budding author/illustrators?

At the end of the day it's all about telling a great story, and sharing the emotions through colorful illustrations. Children love colors!

7) What is your definition of success?

It's the recognition of my work. When people purchase my book, I feel I have given something special back to them. It comes right from my soul.

8) What is next for you in 2012?

Despite all the negativity around the year 2012, I'm very positive about the outcome. I'm organizing book signing events in Miami and I've just completed the second book...Where will Happy, The Red Sea Star, be traveling this time? Somewhere beyond our imagination! 

Author Bio

Camy De Mario was born and raised in Milan, Italy. She studied and graduated in “Foreign Languages” with English, French and German. At the age of thirty she moved to Florida in the United States. Now at forty-six years old, she is a creative author and illustrator of children's books. She presently resides in a small island of the Bahamas with her husband and their youngest children, ten year-old twins. In the surrounding of this peaceful life, she developed the idea of a series dedicated to Happy, a red sea star, and his love for traveling to discover a whole new world.

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