Friday, March 23, 2012

Author Darlene Quinn Explains Why Writers Should Promote Each Other on Facebook

(Darlene Quinn's article sums it all up for me. Enjoy and take heed!)

"For some writers, self promotion is a hard pill to swallow. We are authors and artists, not sales people. Self promotion makes some of us feel uncomfortable and cheap. After all, they always say the hardest part about being an artist is selling your own work.

"For others, self promotion is easy and glides through Facebook like a bad virus. For the everyday family member, friend and fellow writer, the multiple postings and unreciprocated feedback can be distracting and downright annoying.

"The key to promoting your book on Facebook is to let others do it for you, while you promote the work of others.

"The number one rule of Facebook is to be Social, not self-centered. You cannot build meaningful relationships with fans or fellow writers by talking about yourself all the time.

"That said, consider these points in regard to promoting literature on Facebook.

"Announcements for book releases, awards and other literary achievements should be shared in a modest, yet effective, way. You on the other hand should also share the achievements of others within your network and groups. It’s so much easier for the Facebook audience to respond to a “suggested reading” or a “have a look at this new cover art” posting or “take a look at this new book trailer” share in the form of a third-party endorsement. This represents a trusted friend recommendation, as opposed to a used-car salesman’s approach to self-promotion.

"Are you getting the picture here? How many times have you entered a group and saw one random member monopolizing the posting thread with his or her own self promotion and thought, OMG, he or she is at it again!

"Imagine the power in numbers if we writers took one modest, yet effective, post and shared it with our friends and fellow writers. That is the viral power of Facebook..." Read the entire article HERE.

[Darlene Quinn is the author of Webs of Power, Twisted Webs, and Webs of Fate.]

Keep your pen to the paper! Remember, inspiration is everywhere...


  1. Thank you for posting this! This is something I am still struggling with after almost 3 years. (As a writer and small business owner) I look forward to reading the full article when I have a quiet moment. Thanks Darlene!

  2. I have read the whole article. I am a writer as well, I do more of word of mouth than facebook. I will improve that. This article has helped me.