Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Review: The Little Gnome by Sheri Fink

I just finished reading Sheri Fink's new release, The Little Gnome. This book is both imaginative and educational. The story begins when The Little Gnome makes a whimsical Victorian garden his new home. Initially, he appreciates the warm weather, blooming plants, buzzing activity, and animal companionship. But, then the seasons begin to change and the Little Gnome has to adapt and appreciate his new surroundings.

The Little Gnome is a great way to introduce children to the differences between the four seasons. It concludes by teaching them to be positive and to embrace new situations:

"Just like the Little Gnome, you can choose to look for the good in every season and situation. When you look for the positive in every change, you will always find something to appreciate and enjoy."

Learn more about Sheri Fink by reading her interview on The Writer's Block!

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