Thursday, June 14, 2012

Raychelle Reviews: Off the Couch! by Adriana Cerrotti

Adriana Cerrotti's Off the Couch! is a story that encourages children to make healthy food choices, turn off the television, and become more physically active. As a wellness and fitness professional, I applaud Adriana for using her platform as an illustrator-turned-author to stress the importance of healthy living.

Adriana is a very talented cartoon animator as evidenced by the vibrant and humorous illustrations she created for her story. She does a good job of depicting the unlikely friendship between her main characters (a cat and a mouse) and their quest for fitness by eating better and skateboarding. Growing up, I remember how much fun I had riding skateboards with my brothers and sisters.This added a bit of nostalgia for me.

Some of the word choices may present challenges to younger readers, but the overall message is a positive one: stay away from junk food, find a physical activity that you like, and get Off the Couch!

Off the Couch! is available as an ebook at Barnes and Noble.

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