Saturday, July 28, 2012

NaNoWriMo Revisited-Part 4

I hope that you have enjoyed the three previous installments of Marrying Dad. I am posting part 4, but if you are just joining us, here are the links to parts 1-3:

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Marrying Dad- Part 4
by Raychelle Muhammad

For Dad to be willing to miss a pitch meeting was huge. Really huge. He was a partner in a very successful ad agency and was known for closing big deals. He loved the challenge of an undecided potential client. Dad was incredibly competitive and could sell anything to anybody. His sales pitch certainly worked on Mom. From what I hear, Mom was “the talk” back in the day. She brought a lot to the table: she was smart, beautiful, witty, and a natural leader. She was popular and got lots of attention. Her senior year in college was particularly impressive. She was a political science major, captain of the debate team, a Presidential Scholar, and class valedictorian. Mom had been accepted to several law schools and many predicted a bright future in politics if she desired to take that leap. Although Dad was no slouch himself, his academic accomplishments weren’t nearly as impressive. He was good-looking, a star football player, and his family had money. My grandfather tried to protect Dad from the struggles he had to overcome, so Dad didn’t always feel the need to work hard for grades or women. When he met Mom, all of that changed. She was a challenge and, of course, my father loved a challenge. The fact that Mom wasn’t especially impressed with him, made her all the more desirable. My parents’ roommates started dating sophomore year, so my parents often saw each other in passing. My mother was considered a “good girl”, so Dad knew that his usual “let the women come to me approach” was not going to work on this one. His reputation was legendary. They actually became really good friends. Truth be told, Mom knew too much of Dad’s drama to be bothered trying to be anything other than friends. My father secretly carried a torch for the woman he was sure would “tame” him one day. Mom always called Dad on his crap and he respected her for it. Dad also knew that his family would love her and that she would make a great NFL wife. Considering the fallout from his past exploits with women while in college (including 2 paternity suits and a statutory rape charge), marrying a woman like Mom would help his image and would increase his marketability. His endorsement potential would increase by leaps and bounds. On paper, they were potentially the ultimate power couple. In reality, they proved to be quite the opposite.


Are you wondering how it is that these two got married anyway? Leave your comments below.

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