Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest Blogger: "Poised" by Gail E. Hedrick

Poising over a blank piece of paper is like standing on a mountain rock. If I move will I land on something solid or just keep falling until I destroy myself on the shaft of a pine tree? Should I write what I’m thinking of like boy, this has been a day to remember? Invent something or vent frustration at an unjust problem? Or, close the notebook and say no one was home today.

Of course, there’s always someone home, but sometimes I’m not a very willing resident. Thoughts speed around like miniature missiles too fast to capture so they never get saved. Thoughts get buried like the favorite old sweater stuffed in the cedar chest. They are well-worth the trouble of pulling out if I only take the time and energy. Thoughts need to simmer like a good stew on a back burner, but I shouldn’t ignore them or they could dry up.

                        Sometimes, it takes silence to shake a thought loose. When I’m driving the car, they want to spring out like a child’s Jack in the Box.  A walk, alone, comes close to a sure success for bringing my thoughts to the surface, but then when I write them down they sometimes take on a life of their own. Like a pinball slamming off a side rail, my idea can take on a new slant or travel a better path than I initially imagined. Perhaps the first step is the biggie; committing to actively move forward. I’ll place my foot on that smooth rock and see if my grip holds. So join me. We’ll grab tight to our pencils and our thoughts will land safely.
Gail lives with her husband in Florida.  She collects seashells and sometimes a rock from every place they visit.  She likes to walk, swim, bicycle, exercise, kayak, and read, of course!  

Books by Gail:
Danger at Baird’s Den
Solstice Publishing
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