Saturday, March 10, 2012

In Case You Missed It! The Writer's Block in Review

Every week on The Writer's Block, I am blown away by the creative people who grace our pages with their talent, personal journeys, and advice. This week was no different.

We kicked things off this week with The Writer's Block alum and guest blogger, John Kenworthy (author of The Missionary and The Brute), who turned the tables and interviewed me! I think that he asked great questions which really made me think and reflect about my journey to becoming an author, illustrator, freelance writer, and blogger. Read the full interview!

On Monday, we met artist and cartoonist Kerry G. Johnson. He is a very accomplished individual who is illustrating and publishing children's books while also publishing a web comic, Harambee Hills. His interview has fast become one of the five most popular posts on my blog. Read his interview and see why!

Next, we met Italian artist and illustrator Alessandro Bioletti. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he is also fluent in Japanese! Learn more about Alessandro!

Lisa Eichlin is a preschool teacher and the author of The Bravest Boy I Ever Knew. This week we learned that it is possible to enjoy life in spite of our physical limitations. We must choose to play the cards we are dealt to the best of our ability. Read Lisa's story!

On Thursday, we visited with Sheri Fink who authored The Little Rose and the upcoming release The Little Gnome (March 22, 2012). This best-selling author started writing during a difficult time in her life. Her story now helps children to cope with being different and embracing it. Read Sheri's story here!

Yesterday, we met author Sylvia L. Ramsey who writes across a variety of genres. She is a professor of communications, coordinator of the Academic Resource Center at GMC-Augusta, adviser for the campus newspaper, a bladder cancer survivor, the adviser for the GMC-Students for Bladder Cancer Awareness Group, and the V.P. of the American Bladder Cancer Society. Read more about her fascinating journey!

To round out the week, be sure to read my review of Donalisa Helsley's The Day No One Played Together!

We are already booked for the next three weeks with more great interviews, blogs, and book reviews to come. You could be next! For more information about being interviewed on The Writer's Block, CLICK HERE!

Keep your pen to the paper! Remember, inspiration is everywhere...

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