Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Writer's Block Interviews: Alessandro Bioletti

1)  Tell us how you became an artist/illustrator?

Since I was young I always drew. I invented many things but most faithfully drew the Disney characters. Once, I brought a drawing to school and the teachers gave me compliments. They asked me who drew it. Because I was a very shy child I told them the person who drew  it was my cousin!!

Seriously, I thought I would do this job at 16 years old, when I was in art school. I was always attracted to comics, so initially I wanted to become a cartoonist. But after realizing that I hadn't a great talent to write stories, I dedicated myself to write stories with pictures. All of my illustrations depict a scene with very clear specific meaning. I do a lot of research before drawing. I like the details!

2)  Do you specialize in any particular medium? Describe your style.

As I said my passion for drawing grew up watching comics. It always felt clear and concise, but rich in meaning and details. A good part of my style comes from this visual experience. In these 5 years I have made a strong research to understand my strengths. I had the opportunity to talk with many professionals who advise me with some good tips.

The hand-made techniques in which I specialize are watercolor and acrylic. But if there's a chance I like to use any technique. For many works I have to use computer, but I prefer to draw freehand, inking and then coloring with computer. Although I'm young in some ways, I would keep some traditions.

3)  Where do you live and work?

I live and work in Turin, a town in northern Italy. The city of Fiat and the best chocolate in the world (personal note!) Because I make many works with my notebook I do not need big spaces. But I have a small studio with a sloping desk, a library with many different books that inspire me, a sofa, little table and another desk with a computer that I never use.
Recently my sweetheart and I started thinking about to moving to Tokyo.
Within a few years maybe, if you ask me the question, I will answer Tokyo instead of Turin!

4)  Who or what inspires you?

Well, my fiance is the biggest source! But I am also inspired by everything around me. I like crowded places because I like to see the movements of people, how they react in certain occasions, the gestures.
I need these little details when I have to invent something. For this reason I often use public transport.
Then when I draw an illustration, depending on the subject, I do a lot of research on internet or on books.

 5)  What was your first illustration job?

My first job was for a yoga center in my town. I was required to make illustrations for their home page. I think was 2005. Then I did other jobs, including working in 2008 for an agency in Tokyo. I did some illustrations for a monthly magazine-- it was fun! Unfortunately after one year because of the economic crash my cooperation is finished. I also worked with the SF anthology of narrative "ALIA the archipelago of the fantastic" for almost all editions. I been able to illustrate many stories of well-known SF authors like Cory Doctorow. Perhaps it is a trivial, but when I draw an illustration I make it with the same passion as the first that I drawn.

6)  Describe your body of work. Thus far, which project has been the most fulfilling? Why?

Earlier this year I received some interesting proposals. I'm working with an Italian courier named "AWS". I created the character of the company and for every event I create illustrations. One of the latest work I've done is a site for a Japanese soprano who will be online in a few days. Also for Japan at May my works will be published on a self-produced ZINE by a group of illustrators of Tokyo. Perhaps the most interesting works are the most recent, because the ancient works have already been seen and already been known.

7)  Where can your works of art be found?

Surely, on my home page: http://alessandrobioletti.com. Recently I created my own studio, called STUDIO MOMAKON. With this project I would like to promote my art in various media. My studio wants to become a point for private customers and for companies who want to have a different image than usual. You can find more information about my studio on: http://flavors.me/studiomomakon

8)  What is your definition of success as an artist?

It 's a good question, especially when an artist decides to take this job seriously. For me success is not just money. I think it is having accomplished the projects that we set out to during a career. Of course it is also the consolidation of our own creative taste for a lot of people!

 9)  What do you plan to accomplish in 2012?
In March, I will go to Bologna for the Children Book Fair, where I hope to get new and interesting knowledge! In May I will be participating in an exhibition in Tokyo. Meanwhile I have several partnerships with some clients. Of course I'll advertise on various social networks, so if you want, follow me! This year I intend to open myself in different markets, such as children's books, internet, etc ... I think the time is right to do it.


My name is Alessandro Bioletti, I'm an illustrator, and I live in Turin. When I was 16 years old, I started to study Japanese. When I was 21 years old, I worked for an advertising agency in Tokyo as a freelance illustrator. In 2010, I started collaboration with another advertising agency in my city as a illustrator/ graphic designer. Today, after opening STUDIO MOMAKON, I'm continuing my activities as an illustrator / graphic designer freelance wherever there are requests!

Website http://alessandrobioletti.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/people/Alessandro-Bioletti/1318364593
Twitter https://twitter.com/studiomomakon

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