Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Review: Janie and the Magic Box Christmas by Julia Dweck, M Ed.

Janie and the Magic Box Christmas is a wonderfully-written children's Ebook by Julia Dweck. The story must be set in Houston, Texas where I'm from because the month of December is generally warm and very green!

The story begins with Janie making some disappointing revelations about the unseasonal weather and its effects on, what should be, a wintry holiday. Even the decorated tree inside is fainting from the 100-degree heat. But, a magic box contains an unlikely solution to Janie's problem: a storm of wild bubble-like freckles!

You have to read Janie and the Magic Box to see if the freckles save the day, or just create more chaos. It is a wild roller coaster ride that children will really enjoy! The fabulous illustrations by the very accomplished "humorous illustrator" Terry Sirrell add humor, whimsy, and fun to the story.

Janie and the Magic Box Christmas is available on uTales NOW!

Learn more about the author, Julia Dweck, in her interview on The Writer's Block.

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