Monday, June 4, 2012

Guest Post: The Best Book Clubs Out There by Tyler Jones

When most people read a good book, they want to be able to share it with others. Furthermore, people generally like suggestions about what to read. So, what’s the perfect solution for both of these issues? Join a book club! Here are the best options out there.


Amazon has an online book club that is free to join. Each month, a different book is selected. The book description is given as well as customer reviews. At the end of the month, people can post their own review, comment on others’ reviews and communicate freely. This can be a great way to learn perspectives from all over the world!

Book Movements

Book Movements is another online book club. A person must register with the site, but it is free of charge. Each month, a new book is picked. Members can blog about the book and also share a review of it. This book club has special events too, such as live chat sessions with authors. There are also reviews on over thirty two thousand different books, so the suggestions are very copious.


The Bookworms book club is great for people who LOVE to read. The topics of these books are mainly light-hearted, but enjoyable. One great feature is that Bookworms provides chat rooms to discuss with others, so it feels like you’re in a real life book club, even if you don’t have the time for that.


For those that want to meet in person, Books That Make You Go Hmm is a great place to find some unique writings. This book club is based out of New York, but is expanding throughout the country. This club chooses books from various authors that can be considered eclectic. Some people go there for deep literary conversations, others to simply socialize. If there’s not one in your area, you can always start your own chapter. The biggest complaints people have about book clubs is that people can’t commit and/or they can’t decide on a book, but if you’re part of a national club, you’ll have the book chosen for you and you’ll know exactly what the terms of commitment are up front.

The Tattered Club

The Tattered Book Club meets the first Monday of the month to talk about different books that have not hit main stream crowds yet. These books are by mostly independent authors writing about various subject matters. This club has locations throughout the country at many different locations, but you’re more likely to find chapters in urban areas.

1001 Meetup

“1001 Books and Movie Meetup” reviews many different types of books, art work, and movies that they believe everyone should see or read at some point in their lives. Each meeting, a new book is discussed, from classic literature to modern writings. If you consider yourself artistic, cerebral or aesthetic, you’ll likely enjoy this club.

Book clubs not only offer insight about many different types of books, but a chance to socialize as well. If none of these strike your fancy, remember that libraries and book stores often have meetings to discuss a book of the month. If you love to read but have never tried out a club, I would highly recommend it. You’ll gain a whole new perspective on your favorite titles!

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