Friday, June 29, 2012

A Raychelle Writes Milestone!

In just a few short weeks, this blog will celebrate its first anniversary! Since the launch on 7/13/2011, Raychelle Writes has picked up 68 followers, logged over 19,000 page views, conducted over 80 interviews on The Writer's Block series, reviewed over 15 books, hosted several guest-bloggers, had our first illustrator's contest, and (hopefully) shared some helpful information about all things writing.

Blogging has proved to be a highly effective way to network and build my platform as an author/illustrator. If you are a writer and you are not blogging, seriously consider it. It has enabled me to help many people showcase their creations, including my 12 year-old daughter/new author, Halima. But, blogging has also given me a media outlet that I control and a reason to write most days of the week. I have learned so much from every person I have "met". My gratitude towards every individual who has allowed me to share their stories is overflowing.

I have some rough plans for how the one year anniversary of Raychelle Writes will be commemorated, but I would love to hear your suggestions. Are you interested in what some of The Writer's Block alums have been up to since their initial interviews? Would you like to see some guest bloggers? How about some agent interviews? Perhaps another contest? Book club? What would you like to see?

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you! Have a wonderfully productive Friday!

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