Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Raychelle Reviews: Making Bread with Baker Ted by Adriana Cerrotti

Making Bread with Baker Ted by Adriana Cerrotti is a story of friendship, community, culture, and the value of craft. The main characters use a day off from school to visit the neighborhood bakery. They learn all about bread and how to make it from Baker Ted. The reader will discover the origins of some popular types of bread and a bit about the culture and people who make them. They also learn that the most important ingredient is love.

The author is a very talented artist and animator. Making Bread with Baker Ted has fun, colorful illustrations which enhance Adriana's quaint tale.

Making Bread with Baker Ted will leave readers with a feeling of warmth. Bread making is generally viewed as an antiquated practice reserved for "old folks". But, there is something very special about someone who takes the time, energy, and love necessary to prepare foods that taste good to us and are better for us. This story's small-town setting where the residents seem to know one other by name creates a longing for life in a close-knit community. It even evokes a bit of nostalgia--at least it did for me.

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