Sunday, May 20, 2012

Raychelle Reviews: For Readers Only!

Welcome to Raychelle Reviews! This week, I will be introducing you to some established as well as some up-and-coming authors and offer reviews of their work. I focus primarily on children's picture books, but occasionally I will consider other genres. There are a few reasons for my approach: 1) I like picture books, 2) I write picture books, 3) my time is limited, 4) my freelance work, blogging, and other projects center heavily on non-fiction and I need the escape, and 5) I am able to provide feedback and help promote my fellow authors.

Please note that aside from a hard copy or electronic version of the book, I charge no fees for reviews. I believe that it is to the benefit of the author to interview on The Writer's Block in conjunction with the book review, but participation is solely at their discretion. I offer my personal opinions from my own perspective in my reviews: after all, I am not a book editor. However, constructive criticism is provided privately, especially if proofreading and professional editing would benefit an otherwise viable concept/story. I would rather give the author the opportunity to make improvements rather than publish a bad review. I have been there. What good can come from stalling someone's career before it gets out the gate? I attribute my recent successes to some people who took the time to offer some honest feedback and suggestions about The Writer's Block.

So, my hope is that you will discover new favorites, buy a book, refer it to someone else, or even leave a comment. Stay tuned!

Keep your pen to the paper! Remember, inspiration is everywhere...

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