Thursday, May 24, 2012

Raychelle Reviews: Obama Search Words by Stephen Black

I prefer to review children's picture books, but when Stephen Black sent me Obama Search Words, I was intrigued. This book marries interviews and some little-known historical tidbits about President Obama's culture and life experience with fictional dialogues and events which could have taken place in any corner of the world.

Stephen's book is illustrated with wonderful photography of places the President has lived in and/or been connected to in addition to creative artwork. From the beginning, I was taken on a journey around the planet from Hawaii to Kenya. Each chapter felt more like I was moving from one exhibition to another in a museum or art gallery. I liken it to walking through a documentary. The fictional accounts provided me an opportunity to consider how Barack Obama's rise to the most powerful office in the United States has touched and inspired people across all classes, genders, ages, and ethnicities.

Obama Search Words is well-crafted, informative, and enlightening. Grab a copy--it is worth the read!

Stephen Black is an artist, writer, photographer, videomaker, speaker, producer, and educator. To learn more about Stephen, read his resume on

Obama Search Words is available on

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