Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Raychelle Reviews: Moon Girl by Beatrix Tambunan

Moon Girl by Beatrix Tambunan is a story about overcoming envy by discovering one's purpose, self-worth, and value.

The tale begins by introducing Moon Girl who is jealous of her sister Sun Girl. Moon Girl believes that the earth and its creatures appreciate Sun Girl more because she provides daylight. The plants and animals seem to be more active and have more fun during the day than they do at night. Feeling slighted, Moon Girl decides to travel to Jupiter. With its many moons, she is sure that lighting them will earn her more love from the planet's inhabitants. The problem is that Jupiter is very different from Earth. Moon Girl gets no apparent rewards for lighting Jupiter's moons. When she returns to Earth's moon, Moon Girl realizes that she is needed just as much as Sun Girl is. The plants get no relief from the constant light and heat, the animals cannot sleep, and the night creatures cannot come out and play without her. In the end, Moon Girl realizes that she was loved all along.

Moon Girl teaches children and adults alike that we all have a purpose and immeasurable value that we must cultivate and share. Our greatest rewards come from using our gifts and talents as they were intended--to help others. Beatrix's book will go a long way in teaching children self-esteem and to honor their gifts.

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