Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ish Happens...

Greetings, All!

Can you believe it has been almost 4 years since we spoke last? Where did the time go? (Seriously, Raychelle. Where have you been?)

The easy answer is that life happened -- in a big way. We writers have to keep a day job, right? More specifically, I went to work in the sales and marketing department for a nationwide home builder. I managed and wrote copy for their website, created and executed social media campaigns, and worked with prospective buyers among a host of other things. Gratefully, that tour of duty ended in March (more on that later). However, I am really proud of the work I did over there and I learned a bunch.

On a personal level, I got divorced, moved to Katy, and homeschooled Halima through high school and SAT's. Life is a lot simpler now since we downsized and have since moved on from the drama. I can feel my feet on the ground again and I am just trying to figure out my next moves.

Hopefully you will get/stay tuned into this space as I have some cool projects in the making that I would love to share with you all! At some point, I plan to resurrect "The Writer's Block", do some book reviews and editing, etc. For now, I just gotta do me.

Keep your pen to the paper! Remember, inspiration is everywhere...