Friday, October 14, 2016

Launch Your New Book on The Writer's Block!

You have toiled over edits and re-writes, scrapped chapters altogether, and maybe even tossed a finished manuscript a time or two just to get to this point. But, the book is done. It is great. And you need to let everybody know about it. 

I don't mean just your family and friends. I don't mean only the folks who always buy your daughter's girl scout cookies or junior's little league team jerseys, either. In these uncertain times, people are looking for inspiration and solutions and fresh perspectives. Your book might be everything they are seeking.

So, where do you start? I have interviewed over 100 authors and creative types who have successfully promoted themselves and their works. The Writer's Block, for many, was a great launching pad to their careers! Check out a few of our alums:

Dianne de Las Casas

Kerry G. Johnson

Melissa Foster

Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Braxton Cosby

The Writer's Block is a cooperative effort that uses a multimedia approach to marketing and promotion. Read more about it here:

I look forward to helping you get the word out about your next project! 

In the meantime, keep your pen to the paper! Inspiration is everywhere...